Reusable vs. Disposable Nappies: What You Need to Know

  • Reusable Nappies Are Better for the Environment – Here’s Why

    Sustainability is on everyone’s mind: recent polling shows that 85% of Britons are now concerned about climate change. As we all rush to fill our recycling bins, ditch our plastic coffee cups and switch to aluminium straws, there’s another big change we could make that would also benefit the environment enormously, but which gets far less airtime – ditching disposable nappies.

    If you’re a parent and considering making the change, here are some of the key facts.

  • How to Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic Consumption: Four Tips for Families

    There’s no getting around it: plastic is convenient. We use it for everything from shopping bags to disposable drinks receptacles.

    In addition, plastic can take over 400 years to degrade: a nightmarish statistic. So what can we do to reduce our personal plastic footprint?

  • Reusable vs. Disposable Nappies: What You Need to Know

    Reusable nappies are an eco-friendly alternative that can also be kinder to young skin – but some parents worry switching nappies might create extra work and expense for them. However, with the emergence of new reusable nappy brands like pēpi - created by parents for parents - is this still the case? Is buying disposable nappies at the supermarket really an easier and cheaper option? We’re here to bust the myths around reusable and disposable nappies.