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Pēpi washable bamboo wipes

Pēpi Collection have designed and created washable wipes that are super soft and versatile. Made from bamboo terry, they are kind on baby’s bum and kind to the planet! These are a brilliant alternative to plastic single-use wipes which are damaging to the environment.  

As well as being perfect for baby’s bum, they also make great wipes for faces, hands and even as make up wipes!

A pack of x4 bamboo wipes comes in a cotton mesh bag, and the cotton bag can also be machine washed. 

We have collated some facts about the benefits of reusable wipes below! : )

  • Single-use wipes and cotton wool are still single-use products, contributing to resource consumption, which is responsible for up to 50% of carbon emissions and 90% of biodiversity loss globally.
  • Single-use wipes made from cotton or bamboo can still take up to 12 weeks to decompose, meaning that if flushed they can still cause blockages.
  • Single-use wipes (even if plastic-free) still contain preservatives and chemicals which can irritate the skin. At an industrial level these are a biohazard.
  • Reusable wipes are very affordable, even for those on lower incomes – Our wipes are available for 8 GBP for a pack of x4, with no need to spend more once you have enough wipes.
  • They are easy to use and are more effective at cleaning a baby’s bottom, face or hands than a single-use alternative as they are larger, sturdier and textured.
  • They can be used from birth, as they are made from baby-friendly fabrics and designed to be used with plain water.
  • They can be washed and used indefinitely for multiple children, or repurposed and used around the home when no longer needed for children.
  • The environmental impact of reusable wipes is under the control of parents, who can take steps to reduce their impact such as using lower temperatures, eco-friendly detergents and efficient washing machines.
  • There is still an environmental impact of the production of reusable wipes, but this is much lower. Only around 30 wipes are needed per child (more may be needed for larger families) but as they are a reusable product, far fewer resources are used. A family using single-use wipes will use several kilograms of wipes per year, compared to 30 reusable wipes which can be used indefinitely.

Pēpi Collection washable bamboo wipes can be bought here:

Washable bamboo wipes