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Pepi Collection Reusable Nappies
What type of nappies are pēpi?

Pēpi nappies are pocket nappies, which means that the absorbent inserts go into a pocket opening at the back of the nappy. The nappy and inserts are reusable and can be washed in the washing machine.

Pēpi nappies let you increase absorbency by adding inserts: a light wetter may only need 1 insert, most will need 2. 

Pēpi nappies fasten onto baby with snaps. Snaps are more durable than hook and loop style closures, which can be undone by toddlers. Pēpi nappies also dry faster than other reusable nappies that have built-in absorbency. And by fully removing the inserts, it’s easier to get them thoroughly clean.

Pepi Collection Reusable Nappies
How do we get the nappy to fit our baby best?
1) Place the insert/s inside the pocket, depending on the absorbency baby needs.
2) Place the nappy under your baby, with the back of the nappy sitting 1-2 cm above their bum. Pull the front panel up, comfortably just below baby’s belly button.
3) Shorten the nappy if needed, using the row of snaps on the front panel.
4) Bring the side waist tabs up and around baby for a snug fit.
5) Use the hip and waist snaps to adjust the size. Fasten the hip snaps first (the snap on the second row), then the two waist snaps (on the top row).
6) Ensure there are no gaps around the back or inner thighs, and that you can get two fingers between the front of the nappy and baby’s tummy.
Pepi Collection Reusable Nappies
How many nappies will we need?

We recommend 20 to 25 reusable nappies per baby for full time use, 10 to 15 if you’re using them part-time.

Do we need to use liners?
While it's not absolutely necessary, a liner can make cleaning dirty nappies easier. Our liners are made from bamboo and 100% biodegradable.
Do I need an extra wrap with pēpi nappies?

No. Each pēpi nappy comes with 2x bamboo mix inserts. We like to keep it simple for you – because using cloth nappies should be simple.

pepi collection reusable nappies
How often do I change my baby’s nappy?

As with any nappy, change every few hours (or as soon as you know it’s soiled). This will help baby stay dry and comfy, and look after the skin on their bottom.

What do I do with the poo?
We recommend using our bamboo liners which sit on the inside of the nappy between the nappy and babies bottom. Liners allows the wee to seep through and capture the poo which makes the poo super easy to lift off! If you choose not to use liners, then scrape the poo into the toilet.
Can I use nappy rash cream with my reusable nappies?
Some nappy creams are waterproof barrier creams. If these get onto a reusable nappy then they can affect its absorbency. In the UK there is Waitrose bottom butter or Weleda nappy cream which are both fine to use with reusable cloth nappies. Or you can simply use coconut oil. If you need to use a stronger nappy cream, use a disposable liner to protect the nappy.
Will our family save money using reusable nappies?

Yes. Parents can spend around £1,806.65 on disposable nappies during the first two and a half years of a baby’s life (based on using 6 nappies a day). The average cost of 25 pēpi nappies is £398.75 – saving you a whopping £1,407.90 or more.

Cost per wear: If your baby wears a pēpi nappy every 2 days during the first two and half years, that would equal 0.034 p for each wear!

Providing the nappies have been well cared for, you can use them again with future babies, saving even more. Nappies that fasten with snaps (such as pēpi nappies), usually have a longer lifespan than those with hook and loop closures.

To provide greater savings, we have created Nappy Bundles (containing four nappies). Purchasing a nappy bundle saves families 22%. This means each nappy costs 11.90 GBP.

What do you do to give back to the local community?

Pēpi are proud sponsors of the NCT Balham and Clapham breastfeeding club (providing support and information to breastfeeding mums)!

We also donate to UK Nappy Libraries.

Where are our nappies made?

Our nappies are designed in The UK and New Zealand, and made by our wonderful manufacturers in China who specialise in eco-friendly baby products.

The manufacturers factory strictly abides by the labor law of the People’s Republic of China. They have established a strict quality supervision system. They are OEKO- TEX and the nappies pass the SGS Certificate. They are non-toxic, lead free, formaldehyde free.

The factory is very spacious and they do not hire people under the age of 18. Their working hours are 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-6:00pm. 
The factory provides lunch for their employees.
0.01 yuan is donated to children in poor mountainous areas for every diaper sold.
Also, our goods are sent to us by train rail. This lowers the carbon footprint drastically as opposed to air freight. 
What do you suggest for heavy wetters?
We suggest adding an extra insert. We also provide 4-layer bamboo terry inserts that can be used with the 2x bamboo inserts that come with each pēpi nappy.
How do we get the best from pēpi nappies?

We recommend washing your pēpi nappy every 2-3 days with a cold machine rinse, then a warm wash – no hotter than 60˚C.

Before use:

For the best absorbency, wash the nappy once and inserts 3-4 times before using. This may sound like a lot of washing, but once you’re using them, pēpi will keep baby dry and comfy with fewer changes.

Everyday use:

1. We recommend using pēpi 100% bamboo, biodegradable nappy liners, to easily lift poop away with no mess.
2. Once soiled, remove the insert from the nappy and place both in your pēpi nappy bag or dry pail.
3. Give your pēpi reusable nappy and inserts a cold machine rinse, then a longer warm wash no hotter than 60˚C. A non-bio liquid or powder may be used for the longer warm wash, however, very little is required. 
4. Avoid fabric softeners, which coat fibres and reduce absorbency, and please don’t use bleach, as it breaks down the waterproof barrier.

5. Line dry in the sun to fade stains away and kill bacteria. Or tumble dry (inserts only) on cool.

Layer up:

While you may only need one insert for a light-wetter, pēpi nappies are designed to fit two inserts. Place one on top of the other and insert both into the easy-pocket opening at the back of the nappy.

What material are pēpi nappies made of?

The outside of the nappies are made with Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), a material which is applied to fabric to make it water resistant.

The inside of the nappy is made of suede cloth. Suede cloth is a synthetic fabric which wicks moisture away from your baby's bottom, keeping them nice and dry. Suede is quick to dry after being washed which can cut down your turnaround time.

Our four layer inserts are made using two layers of microfibre in the middle, and two layers of bamboo on the outside, providing the benefits of both materials. The microfibre allows for fast absorption and a quicker drying time, and bamboo allows for a high absorbency and keeps the inserts remaining soft wash after wash.

Is pēpi collection a member of The Nappy Alliance?

Yes. The Nappy Alliance exists to tackle this problem that our country and planet faces. We are a coalition of independent providers of reusable nappies which exists to promote the economic and environmental benefits of reusable nappies and greater consumer choice for new parents. We look to:

Where else do you sell your products?

We also work with NotOnTheHighStreet, Natural For Baby, The Nappy Gurus.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered above, please get in touch. We’re always happy to talk about nappies and your gorgeous new babies.