Caring for cloth nappies

We recommend washing your pēpi nappy every 2-3 days with a cold machine rinse, then a warm wash - no hotter than 60˚C.

Before use:

For the best absorbency, wash your nappy once and inserts 3-4 times before using. This may sound like a lot of washing, but once you’re using them, pēpi will keep baby dry and comfy with fewer changes.

Everyday use:
1. We recommend using pēpi 100% bamboo, biodegradable nappy liners, to easily lift poop away with no mess.
2. Remove the insert from the nappy and place both in your pēpi nappy bag or dry pail.
3. Give your pēpi reusable nappy and inserts a cold machine rinse, then a longer warm wash no hotter than 60°C. A non-bio liquid or powder may be used for the long warm wash, however, very little is required.
4. Avoid fabric softeners, which coat fibres and reduce absorbency, and please don’t use bleach, as it breaks down the waterproof barrier.
5. Line dry in the sun to fade stains away and kill bacteria. Or tumble dry (inserts only) on cool.