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Pēpi Collection modern reusable nappies uk


With more than 8 million single-use nappies going into landfill every day in the UK alone, we spotted a need. To offer families choice and make a positive contribution to minimising waste, by starting a modern cloth nappy company. The project spanned brand creation and collateral, through to product textile design.


Through strategic design process, we consciously created a brand that would stretch for product line expansion in future, related to single-use items and also spanning multiple countries. Designing for parents - we targeted a more ‘grown-up’ aesthetic for brand and product, utilising design to encourage desirability and therefore more sustainable behaviour.


To encourage, slow fashion, to swap or pass on and have lasting appeal. Brand identity balances fashion with child-like qualities - the circular scribble informs the viewer, the fonts keep it friendly. Clever copy reinforces the brand message in a supportive way.


• From instruction booklet to sustainable shipping/packaging options for the brand
• Completely unique textile designs that incorporate bespoke hand-illustrated elements
• Photoshoot management, styling, art direction